We offer a complete line of lubricant storage tanks and totes for rent (either for fuel or lubricants):

  • PFP Units
  • Transcube
  • Poly-Lube Oil Tanks
  • Lubricant Totes
  • Used Oil Tanks
Rental Unit

Business Continuity Analysis

Is your company really prepared for an emergency situation? Many traditional disaster recovery solutions overlook the potential impacts that result from fuel shortages and/or unavailability. An integral part of a company’s Business Impact Analysis should include the evaluation of energy sources.

Fuel is the energy source used to power the generators used in emergency situations – how will this fuel be stored and who will be your service provider? After what period of time would the effect of fuel shortages become critical for your business? The negative financial impact a fuel shortage would bring should be considered for your business.

Fuel shortage concerns can be eliminated. This system is a compliant and portable aboveground storage tank. Our clients have used them effectively in emergency situations where fuel availability was compromised. Give us a call to further discuss this innovative product!