Due to the new storm water regulations, we’ve developed and patented the Quick Containment Liner.

This revolutionary liner accommodates our customers’ fueling systems, portable generator sets, and other equipment that needs to be in compliance with EPA, MPCA, and other governing agencies regarding construction site storm water management regulations.

Benefits of Quick Containment Liners

Our Quick Containment Liners will save you money on time and labor costs. You’ll never have to pay for poly and extra labor time again because our QCL’s are:

  • Light-Weight and Portable: Our liners only weigh 34 lbs/unit, which means you can move it by yourself.
  • Rigid, Durable and Re-Usable: QCLs are built to last so you can reuse them again and again.
  • Interlocking with Multiple Configurations: These liners are designed to interlock. Use one or in combination. If you can think it, this liner can do it.
  • Easy to Store: Our liners are stackable, minimizing the amount of storage space needed when not in use.
  • Fitted with Rainwater Drains: Drain fittings are incorporated into QCLs for easy management of rainwater.
  • Made in a Variety of Colors: A variety of color options are available.

Weatherproof magnetic document packs are also available for convenient track management.

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Without Quick Containment Liner

before QCL

Using Quick Containment Liner




A person who owns or operates a vessel of facility transporting, storing, or otherwise handling hazardous substances or oil or who is otherwise in control of hazardous substances or oil shall take reasonable steps to prevent the discharge of those materials in a place or manner that might cause pollution of the land, waters, or air of the state or that might threaten the public’s safety or health.

History: 1991 c 305 s 2